Tube Stopper
Tube Stopper DIY AND PLUMBING Malaysia, Selangor, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur (KL) Manufacturer, Supplier, Provider, Dealer  | YAP HOI KONG RUBBER GOODS MANUFACTURERS
T09-(08x11x20mm) T21-(19x24x26mm) T31-(30x34x30mm) T51-(40x50x54mm)
T11-(11x13x20mm) T23-(21x26x27mm) T33-(31x35x31mm) T55-(45x55x60mm)
T13-(12x16x22mm) T25-(23x28x30mm) T35-(32x38x32mm) T60-(50x60x68mm)
T15-(13x17x22mm) T27-(25x30x31mm) T37-(34x39x36mm) T85-(75x84x88mm)
T17-(17x20x25mm) T29-(28x32x31mm) T39-(27x43x37mm) T95-(82x94x88mm)
T19-(17x21x27mm)     T125-(87x120x152mm)


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